Printing Costs

Understanding parasol printing costs

Understanding how parasol printing costs will help ensure you get a branded parasol that suits your budget. Costs are dependant on 3 factors:

1. Number of colours
The more colours in the artwork, the more ink is required to print and longer it takes.

2. Number of prints
The more times we print, the more ink is required and the longer it takes.

3. Size of print
The larger the print, the more ink is required to print.

Reducing printed parasol costs

The cost of printed parasols can easily escalate if you’re not careful. Here are some useful tips to keep parasol printing costs to a minimum.

  1. Reduce printing colours
    Use the parasol canopy colour to form one of your logo colours. e.g. If your logo is white on a black background, choose a black parasol canopy so you need only pay for the white printing costs.
  2. Amount of printing
    Do you really need a logo on all sides of a parasol? The chances are probably not. So stick to alternate parasol panels to keep costs down.
  3. Economies of Scale
    There comes a threshold for every printing job where printing costs drop enormously. This works on simple economies of scale as much of the cost also revolves around setting up the printing to begin with.