How to replace a parasol canopy cover

We’re often asked if it’s possible to replace an existing parasol canopy cover. Be it a damaged canopy or a cover that is too dirty to clean, there are solutions available but careful consideration is needed.

Not all parasols are the same

Whilst you may find another company that supplies spare covers in your parasol size, unfortunately canopy covers are rarely compatible with different manufacturers. Different frame designs, wind huts, opening mechanisms and canopy fixings are just some of the factors that mean parasols are from the same.

Go to your supplier

To begin with, go back to your original parasol supplier. Most reputable companies should have details of your original order and should be able to advise accordingly. Should you (or they) be unsure, look for a manufacturer label on your parasol mast. And also measure the size of the parasol so a suitable replacement can be produced.

Don’t rule out a completely new parasol

Unfortuantely some unscrupulous companies charge a small fortune for replacement canopies. So consider asking another company for a quote for a completely new parasol. We have many customers who found that replacing their parasol in its entirety was more cost-effective than just replacing the cover.